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Discovering the Chasm of Padirac

Enjoy a trip to the famous Padirac chasm and stay at the La Thomasse hotel!

Enjoy an exceptional descent into the bowels of the Earth. Winding its way through rivers, lakes and large chambers, the chasm is a geological wonder that can only amaze.

Two lakes, one river, one adventure

In total, the visit to the chasm is divided into five stages. Once you have passed the entrance, you will board small boats on the underground river. This river takes you straight to the first lake, Rainy Lake, where you can disembark.

From here, you will have to walk to the Great Dome room, described by geologists as a sinkhole in formation, in the shape of a sumptuous dome.
After this room, prepare for a new lake, the Lake of the Gurd, before reaching the final rampart, the Hidden Face. This is where the original exploration of the Padirac chasm ended.

A dreamlike experience

The chasm was explored by Edouard-Alfred Martel in 1889. He described the experience as a true dreamlike trance.

In his writings, he can be seen marvelling at the majesty of the rock formations, or the slow and silent progress on the underground river.

But even before this exploration, local legends described the chasm as spitting flames, or a place of confrontation between Saint Martin and the Devil.
Definitely an experience not to be missed!


A breathtaking sight near your La Thomasse hotel

The chasm is located about 1h15 from the hotel La Thomasse in Aurillac. Come with your family or friends to explore these mysterious caves and discover a whole new world.

Online booking in advance is strongly recommended.
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